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About this Website

This is my personal website that I created to share my personal projects and career portfolio. In Portfolios (work in progress) you will find some of my drawings, DIY projects, aquariums/terrariums, and some of the research projects I have worked on as a student. Articles is a personal blog that will feature a range of subjects, including engineering, adventure, career, and life. I built this site the old way; it was hand-coded myself. In fact, many of the graphics of the website were hand drawn by me as well. I often take a certain pleasure in taking the long, difficult road.

This website has been a long running project of mine, but it has not been until recently that I had time to complete it. The name, Done in Ink, comes from my fondness for drawing with pens. It is the permanence of drawing with ink that appeals to me. There is no correcting a stroke; every line is there to stay as an imperfection or a stroke of genius. There is history in every drawing, sketch, writing, scribble... mistakes should not be forgotten, our scars and failures give character and meaning to our successes and being.

About Me

The picture to the right is of my wife, Stephi, and I. I am a recent graduate from the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. From UCF, I have four years of research experience in fuels, combustion, and laser/optical sensors for diagnostics of combustion under the advisement of Dr. Subith Vasu. A few of my papers/publications are listed in my portfolio. My focus was on diagnostics (spectroscopy) which you can read more about in my Portfolio section.

I have always had very broad interests which is one of the reasons I am an engineer. Engineering is an applied science that must pull from multiple disciplines and can present opportunities to work with a variety of fields of science.

I have had the opportunity to:

  • Advanced sensors that quantify the state of combustion gasses utilizing lasers and LEDs
  • Post-process data and create analytic tools for gas turbine combustors (Siemens Energy Gas Turbines)
  • Develop and qualify components for rocket engines (SpaceX Merlin ID)
  • Work on numerical models for rocket engine nozzles (SpaceX Merlin ID Vacuum)

To me, these are some of the most exciting technological developments happening in the world, and I have had the chance to play a part in it. I have worked with brilliant engineers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and SpaceX. I am incredibly excited about what potential work I will be a part of next; whether it is mining asteroids for next frontier space exploration, prospecting other planets for the past or current life, or advancing the next generation in sustainable energy, I hope I get to be part of the action.